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Why A Good Laptop Is Essential For Remote Work

Are you setting up a home office and preparing to work from home? The most important tool you have is your laptop computer – it pays to do your homework and invest wisely.

Today’s remote work environment requires skill, the right tools and connectivity to do the job, and enough computing power to handle the needed applications. The old beat-up laptop you use to check email may not be as reliable, nor as powerful as you would like. Remember, the impression you give online in the remote world is all that others know about you. Staying on top of your technological needs and being prepared is the essence of professionalism.

The Right Tools for the Job

Nothing is worse than working hard to prepare for an important work meeting and then your laptop has issues – forcing you to reschedule. Computers are notorious for picking the worst possible times to have problems!

If you report to an office every day, you know that reliable transportation is important for your job success. A computer is the “transportation to work” for your remote job – and deserves the same level of attention. Just like cars, computers come at all price points – from just over $100 to $1500 or more!

How do you know that you are getting something reliable and that will get you where you want to go, and for a decent price?

The Essentials

Quality, name-brand hardware. There are lots of “cheaper” laptops on the market, with lower grade components and little or no support. No matter what your budget is, stick with reputable companies for your computer.

Memory and Storage. A good amount of storage (expressed in GB) and speed (RAM) is essential for your laptop’s continued performance. The more programs you run at one time, the more RAM you will need. Typically about 8 GB RAM is adequate for most types of work.

Warranty. If you pick a quality product, your chance of needing repairs soon goes way down. However, you need the security of a warranty on your investment. Without it, you are working every day without an insurance policy – and no one can afford unexpected downtime.

Portability. Yeah, obvious – right? Well, you need decent battery life and a laptop size compatible with your needs. Think about whether you need a full number pad on the side, or if you need a certain size screen to see well. It is also important to think about how you will connect peripherals – via a dock or directly to the laptop. This will all depend on how portable and flexible you need to be on a daily basis.

Well-known operating system. The two main ones are Windows and Mac, and the world is pretty divided on which is their favorite. You will also see Linux users, although less commonly. Consider the type of work you will be doing, and the compatibility with others you will be collaborating with.

Security software. There are a lot of malicious computer viruses and malware out there. Virus protection and a firewall are essential products you will need to invest in – and any company you work for will likely require it to protect their information.

Peripherals. While some people successfully use the mouse track pad on their laptop, many find it more comfortable to use a wireless mouse and keyboard. It is also handy for many remote jobs to have at least one extra screen (monitor). This makes it easy to have two applications up and running without switching between windows all the time.

A built-in webcam and microphone. These days, video calls on platforms like Zoom and Teams are almost a certainty. Even for interviewing for remote jobs, you will likely need these. It is a great idea to put some thought into your setup and optimize your lighting and computer placement for your best on-screen presentation.


If the thought of computer shopping and making sure you get everything you need is a little daunting, you should check into work-from-home bundles. ABC Work From Home knows what you need because that is all we do! We aren’t trying to sell fancy laptops to gamers, Instagram influencers, or large businesses. We are focused on YOU, the remote worker, and our customer service reflects that.

ABC stocks several options, but we keep it simple. You will find a warrantied, certified laptop with the peripherals you need all in one place – shipped anywhere for free! Shop our store and get ready to live your dream with remote work!

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